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Replication and backing-up provide for a stand-by copy of the virtual machine. If the virtual machine fails, you can instantaneously switch to its copy.  

  Veeam solutions ensure: 
  • Continuous data protection (near-CDP) for any virtual application; 
  • Support of replicas created based on the virtual machine image;  
  • High accessibility (local replicas) and emergency recovery (deleted replicas);
  • Switching to replica and back, with change synchronization and automatic IP readdressing.


Replication to a remote site 

Veeam Backup & Replication will help you to optimize data transmission, if WAN slows down replication. This will improve the capacity of replication. Veeam will assist you in:  
  • Deduplicating and compressing data of the replica on the data source side; 
  • Use multithreading for maximum loading of the available data transmission channel passband;
  • Setting up limits to minimize channel loading; 
  • Replica distribution, not to transfer the full copy via WAN. 


Easy switch to the replica

Replication is your “safety bag”.
If the initial virtual machine fails over (failover), you may switch to replica via a shortcut and return to the initial virtual machine after it restores. The users will have no problem using applications and services during the debugging process. While replica is in operation, it is possible to restore the normal operation of the virtual machine, either by reconstructing VM on a remote site, or by switching over to the initial virtual machine in a new location. Moreover, Veeam Backup & Replication supports multiple recovery points for the replicas. 

Even if your last replica is damaged you will roll back to the previous recovery point. 


Backing up from Veeam, on the level of the virtual machine image in VMware and Hyper-V, is 20 times faster.  


Now data can be recovered in several seconds. No need to wait for hours, or days anymore. Veeam Backup & Replication instantaneously restores virtual machines, files from the guest operating system and application objects.


To find out an accurate price, contact your manager at +7(495) 983-04-12 or in any other way from the Contact section.


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Your choice

Cloud FZ-152

Data controllers using “Cloud FZ-152” do not have to pay for designing and supporting secure infrastructure to comply with the requirements of Federal Law (FZ) 152.

  • "Cloud FZ-152 is a secure, certified and licensed “cloud” for Information System for Personal Data (ISPD) placement;
  • Virtualization engines are certified: hypervisors of computational resources, management system for virtualized data transmission network, virtualization platform and data storage system;
  • There are security services (based on certified security facilities), which may be used for moving your ISPD into the cloud.


CorpSoft24 Backup is a cloud backup solution that ensures reliable storage of any data scope.

  • No agents. It does not need to be administered or updated.
  • Maximum coverage for applications and systems that can be backed up.
  • You pay only for the used Gbytes of storage, regardless of the number of servers and points for backup.
  • Low network traffic. The changes are compressed during transmission.
  • Strong encryption. Only the client has the key, the provider does not have access to data.
  • Supports VMware, Hyper-V and XenServer for physical and virtual environment.
  • Support of public, private and hybrid clouds.
  • Inexpensive Disaster Recovery (restoration after destruction).
  • In case of service failure, the client services will be up within the specified deadlines. Ensuring access to the services from the client’s stations.